Sunday, September 4, 2011

Check out my new blog

for pictures of my last day at Kaplan.

It was amazing!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

So I have a new blog. I have grown weary of this one. I have joined tumblr. It's much easier to use. This way I can add photos, videos and even music in minutes without having to reroute you all around the internet. So all you faithfuls, please bookmark

I will be reminding you from time to time. Also this has gotten me a little more motivated. More motivation means more content. More content means more distractions for you guys. Sorry for the inconvenience.


New Blog

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Stickmen

Now, I don't know if they are wise, but I think one of them gave some good advice at the end. I think another was on the piano, and the first one? Well, I just think he was messing around with the radio. It's all fuzzy.

Bedroom Band

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time Traveler Finds Love in the Future

New song. That's about it.

My Bike

So here it is. I got this bike about two months ago, I think. A friend was kind enough to give me a frame, complete with a crank, pedals, handlebars (with suicide brake) saddle, and a chain. All I needed were the wheels and tires. So I did that, and replaced the brake at first. Now I have a new bar grips (white instead of black), a new saddle (baby blue, and a little bit bigger) different chain, and a better brake lever. Also, It took five days but my friend and I sanded the paint and rust off and he used a rattle can to create the new bright blue Omega. For those of you who have known me since High school, know that I drove an 81 Oldsmobile Omega. When I got the bike it looked just like that. Blue-grey with some rust. Now this is a whole new bike. Also, I have to say that I have learned so much about bikes in the past two months, that I can see why they are so popular (and a little expensive.) But just like last week, when I learned how to paint a bike, today I replaced my brake lever (all By my lonesome, as my grandmother would say) So here you go. Now I'm a little sad that I didn't take any "before" photos, but trust me, this is a huge improvement.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lonely Dogs Will Have Fun

I made another song today. I thought it was rather fun, but don't try to dance to it, you'll look stupid.

On another note, I have realized, as I fumble around these keys that used to seem so familiar, I have been lacking in the word-sentence-paragraph-page-story-production. There are no excuses. I know what I have been doing. I haven't been me. I have come to grips with the fact that I think differently than everyone else. My brain works in narration. I describe, react and re-describe. My voice never ends. I tried to explain what that means, voice, to a student. It was difficult because how can you explain something that is unique to you. Something that holds a meaning that no one can touch. We see it in words, hear it, never think about tasting or smelling it, but to feel it, we have. We have held it to ourselves, showed it to the world and watched dominoes collide. I have thought about trying to write three thousand words a day. That would ensure well over a million a year. I don't have the time, nor do I think it wise to write without substance behind it. Without that feeling that makes the voice, we are mute. The creases under my shoulders are sweating and my heart rate ascends. It's the words that are rushing inside of me, their temper building because my fingers are out of practice, going to slowly and making mistakes. I breathe and hear what they are really about. They are thank you's and praise. To them, I'm like the soldier mounting up for one last ride. They want to witness, good or bad, what comes, what goes, and what is. More will come, but not today. I am an unprepared swimmer just taking a lap, testing the water and finding it fine. As I look back and see the few ripples I left behind, I smile. I'll be back tomorrow, and with stronger lungs to give my voice a workout.