Saturday, October 31, 2009

Haloween Halloween Halloween

Officially it's Halloween. However, my co-workers and the students I teach celebrated it early. It was a wonderful party but I have decided that it's not for me. This is not to say that I didn't have a good time. I think it goes back to the fact that I have never really liked Halloween. Other's might argue about this, but I feel that there is something I'm missing, some charm that hasn't reached me yet or has already passed me by. I want to have fun and dress up, drink and find someone who normally might be quiet and demure, talk to them dance, with them and smile at them. Maybe I'm guarded, or maybe I come into this holiday with low expectations.

What I think is people have a chance to change, to be someone else, a demon, a ghost or inevitably a slutty (insert random female costume here.) I like myself, and I don't want to walk around feeling uncomfortable. I have lived years of my life in discomfort. Whether it be pain, physical, emotional, spiritually or just not knowing who I was, I was there, and Halloween brings all that back, with a much lower level of severity, but the idea is the same.

Maybe my age, heaven forbid, is sneaking up on me. I think Halloween is silly but without the humor. I do love to see wonderful, inventive costumes, and costumes that have had a lot of thought put into them. Emily, Peyton and Peter, Abbott and a multitude of the students looked great. It might be that I haven't indulged myself by finding a creative costume.

New Year's Eve, that's my favorite holiday, no costumes, no presents, no religious meaning behind it. People are happy to be alive. They think about the past year, what they have and haven't done, all while looking into the future, but only what they could do.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A day at the dentist (sort of)

It has been a while since I'd been to the dentist. I had a huge cavity, huge. There were needles, bright lights, and strange sounds. All in all it was a pretty painless experience. I know why people are afraid but I think if they thought about the crazy procedure happening in their mouths they could sit back and relax, it's not like giving birth. I would like to thank Anjana, and J-Dizzle(That's what I call Justin and it sounds a lot better than Jizzle) for recommending the DDS Duo.
Now it's time to move on from Mike's. I have been house sitting for a few weeks now and it has been bliss. I understand the appeal of living alone, I have always understood it, never really experienced it. This makes me want to get a bigger paycheck. Then again what's life without overcoming challenges, setbacks, and the bullshit of life.
My mouth hurts, I liked it better when it was numb, but at least the hole in my tooth is gone. yeah modern, sterile medicine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today I woke up, checked various things on the internet, took a shower, ran and caught the bus, sat, read, bought a rockstar and cigarettes, went to the teachers room, graded essays, tests, went and got a chicken gyro with Angie, ate it, taught current events, had a cigarette, taught my low intermediate about direct and indirect objects, played basketball with students, went to Mike's(thanks for letting me house sit,) ate dinner in my underwear, took a shower, ate some veggies and corn mush with Angie, Abbott, Jared, Jared, Kyle, Laura and Anjana, went to a club to raise funds to build a playground in Nepal, bought a raffle ticket, won the grand prize, planned to give the prize to my mother and sister, had a few drinks, rode in the Westin hotel's elevator, (one of Angie's favorite things to do while downtown,) got a ride home, talked to a beautiful girl on the phone, wrote a paragraph with thirty-three commas and one period.

The Fountainhead

I have read the book, loved it, and now I have seen the movie, hated it. It was made in 1947, the character of Rourk, too old. The acting, terrible. The fountainhead, never showed up. This was written mere seconds after the two hour movie finished and now I hate myself for watching the whole thing.

Didn't sleep last night and now beginning to sound like Rorschach. No subjects in my sentences.

In other words, welcome to the first of a daily blog that, now means nothing to most, something to a few. Enjoy.