Sunday, February 28, 2010


day today. I enjoyed it by walking around my neighborhood, and tea and lunch with my friend. Then I watched a few movies. I saw five this weekend. Interesting biopics, an amazing Irish cartoon, and a movie telling us how bad our food is. I am starting to not like this mission I am on. It feels like work. I don't think I will be doing this again next year, (hopefully by then I will have a life that doesn't have to revolve around movies, cross your fingers. Although, if I were being paid to do this then that would be a different, interesting story. I'm not saying that my life right now isn't fulfilling, it is, but I think I could be doing so much more. We do this, our goals burden us and we question why we do them. Some of us give up and for good reason. Others trudge on, like I am doing, to complete it. To get that satisfaction that we did something. It is a good feeling. Nothing like it in the world. It is a feeling that we ourselves are solely responsible for. We set the goals, took charge and got it done.) HA you thought I forgot about the parenthesis. You silly fools, I do not forget. And I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that I saw I had made a mistake and corrected it by being arrogant. Wrong again. I planned this rues to test you all, my faithful readers. Those who doubted me, shame shame. "My writing is beyond reproach." He screams as he misspells "reproach." (The mistake was fixed in editing.)


Saturday, February 27, 2010

It is

unfortunate that I will not be able to see one of my new favorite bands on Saturday. I had been planning on going to see We Were Promised Jet packs for quite some time, yet when I went to buy the tickets, I found out they were sold out. I even tried craigslist but I would have had to have acted quicker. Oh well, I hope they like it here and decide to come back.

I am surprised to see no comments on my tattoo. I thought some people might have wanted to say something. I will have you know that it is healing very nicely. I am glad for this because that means I will be able to stop rubbing my chest with a Vaseline like substance that makes my shirt stick to my chest. People have asked me for a name for the mythological creature on my chest. I will take suggestions.

I have named something else, no not that. I have named my mustache. I decided on Randal, Randal the mustache. Some of you know what an important month March is for me. I have opted to make it March Mustache Madness once again. I did it last year for the first time and it got mixed reviews.

Oh yeah, it also holds my birthday. For said time and for the fact that I am and have been for some time, tired. I thought about staying home. Doing whatever I want, but then it was suggested to me that I take a short trip somewhere. I would love to spend a week on an island with nothing but sun and the ocean to bath in. Hawaii is too expensive for a tourist trap, the same with Bali or Fiji. I thought about a walking tour around France but I don't like wine that much. If any of you would like to share your travel stories with me, and offer a getaway destination for a young buck who will be enter his late twenties soon, let me know.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Okay, so there it is. It was a quick hour, with a lovely lady named Megan. I can't recommend her enough. The staff at Picture Machine is great, good music friendly atmosphere. I will right more about it later. Now, It is time for bed.

Good night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To all of you

who think that I might get a tattoo on my face, you can sleep soundly. My face will be unscathed. The bags and wrinkles will have to do for now. However, I am going to get one this week. It will be a griffin or a pair of griffins. It might look something like this: It will be hidden, for the most part. I have liked this creature for sometime without really knowing why or where I gained exposure to it. I wasn't one of those kids who were heavy into fantasy, and no I don't play World of Warcraft. I will let you do the research on what it means, because the meaning wouldn't really have influenced my decision. It's not a Chinese character. So there you have it, I hope you are all rest assured, and hopefully in the future can get my humor (Mom). I love ya though. That's it for me tonight boys and girls. Brief fact, I used to be a DJ in college. 89.9 KBGA!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Prepare for the Fight

That's the song I am listening to right now, by The Lovemakers. Anyway, dead tired, young and sick, exhilarated by my boredom. My room is a controlled mess that seems to be looming over my head. Actually, it's not that bad. I can't wait until the humdrum, mundane, and irrelevant things actually become interesting to me. I'm thinking of another tattoo. I think it has been about a year, and that is when the itch gets severe. I was thinking a tiny skull under my left eye. Or maybe a third eye, but not on my forehead, on my chin, that way if I get tired of it then I just don't have to shave. Same band, new song: Is It Alright?

I like pistachios. Courtney Love looks like one of the Olsen twins, you know the one who looks like she is on heroin. A painting still leans against the wall, haven't hung it up yet. The blankets on my bead hate each other. My athlete's foot is gone. Four empty bottles and a coke can. Shoes stepping on each other. Lonely pens and pencils, they have each other but difficult access to paper. I just realized I have a chandelier in my room, très chic.

Bonne nuit, dormez bien, et laissez aller votre imagination folle!
had brunch, bought a playstation 2, stood in the rain for the bus, played said playstation, watched the Lovely bones, went grocery shopping, watched the princess and the frog, took a shower, read a few pages, fell asleep, had a dream that ended with the lines "Fuck the kids, pay the teachers. I've seen Shrek, I know how it is." woke up, wrote this, now back to bed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Short movies

I found out that a few of my local theaters were showing some of the short movies nominated for Academy Awards and I jumped on the chance. I went down to the Opera Plaza, which by the way is pretty cool place on Van Ness, and saw both of the programs. The first one I watched were the animated shorts and they were generous to include the "highly commended" ones as well. They were all fantastic. I know you all might not want to sit through an hour and a half of short films, but I highly recommend "Logorama." It's a French film that takes a stab with a blunt hammer at showing how corporate America, and especially L.A. has become. Think of a movie with nothing but product placement and you have "Logorama." The second part of my evening was the live action. These were wonderful films marred only by the fact that the couple sitting to my right on the other side of the isle in a tiny theater thought they were sitting in their living room. The oohs and the ahhs were too loud and at one point I think the lady was pointing out the obvious like it was a revelation only she understood. It only took one"SHHHH" to shut them up, thankfully. Great films that show you where the directors, actors, etc all get their start. Still feeling in a cinematic mood, I came home and watched "Crazy Heart." Jeff Brigdes, it seems the character was playing him. Fine acting coupled with beautiful scenery and a musical form that has lost its way some time ago and you have a great movie that isn't overly sincere. Man, movies are wonderful, whether they be short long, live or animated there is something about this art form that has the possibility to incorporate all of the others combined. Next, I think will be the Last Station, White ribbon, The Princess and the Frog (I know it's Disney, but it's on the list.)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I don't know how,

but I made it through the day. Amid messy stomach problems (yeah it was what you think) I made it through fourteen hours of work. I taught for ten and then had LSAT training for a few hours more. Now nausea has set in and I don't really know how to deal with it. I will be making it to bed very shortly. I like Thursdays. I don't have to wake up so early and the students are expecting a movie tomorrow. It will be bittersweet. I am losing most of my students after tomorrow, and then next week I will lose the rest. However, I will gain a whole new class. This weekend, ah this weekend will be grand. I will not do anything I don't want to do. I will move back in time by getting a PS2. That will be another awesome time killer. Then Monday it starts again. I know that these have been downers lately, and I hope that I will be cheered up once my neurons start firing properly once again. I think the most frustrating thing about all of this is the lack of mental capacity. I feel like a moron in the definitive sense of the word. But soon, soon, my friends I will be back in tip top form. Just wait and see. If I can function like a normal human being with little sleep then I can be my abnormal self once again.

I finished another book. That makes seven this year. Next is a classic, Lolita. Any recommendations?



all you need to do is look around and you will see something you have never seen before. This could be in you room, on your block, on your way to work. If you look hard enough you will find something different in that chair across from you, in that tree in the sidewalk, in the person staring at you in the mirror.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am

so very tired. I haven't been sleeping that much lately and that is my own fault. I picked up a few extra classes and they are taking their toll. However, I will be able to sleep in tomorrow and that will be grand. I felt fine until literally three and a half minutes ago. It might have been the shear physical exhaustion but I think my body is saying, goodnight to all, I don't care if he agrees. I have no choice but to comply. I will change my alarms and charge into bed. Not the right phrasing to fall into a peaceful slumber but it works. I am one step closer to reaching my goal of watching all, and I mean all, of the movies nominated for an Academy Award this season. I watched "Julie & Julia." I've had this movie for some time, but it got swept under the rug of preference. So far, the only one I was really disappointed with was "Nine." Daniel Day-Lewis couldn't even save this movie. It had no direction yet an amazing cast of Hollywood starlets from around the globe; Spain, France, England (The Dame Judi Dench), the U.S. and even Australia. The songs didn't mesh and it had no story. I didn't feel bad for the character, I neither hated nor loved him. Indifference is something no artist wants to see. I give it a "Meh." That is only because of some of the costumes the ladies wore. One of these days someone will appreciate what I have to say about movies. As for now , it's you.


Sunday, February 14, 2010


a lovely day around San Francisco. The gods smiled on St. Valentine to make sure everything went according to plan. The sun was out, people were in good spirits and the pillow fight ensured that the streets will be filled with feathers for a week or two. Apparently they have this all over the world, at the same time. It was good to see, but I could tell the type of people who wanted to actively participate. It seemed they had some rage built up. I, however, do not have such rage so I was content to sit back and watch. My afternoon included a walk around the North East side of the city with a beautiful lady, a pillow fight, and dinner. Doesn't seem like much but I had a good time. I was thankful that I could walk around with the sun shining. I don't usually do this, or if I do then I just walk to get where I'm going, that's it. Now my stomach is full, I am tired and I picked up some extra hours, (Thanks Angie). So, it is off to bed. I will return tomorrow. Yes you may be able to tell I am in higher spirits. It seems that sunshine is a mood changer just like the wind, snow and rain can be.

Valentine's day

So, in the recent years I haven't really thought that much of Valentine's Day. I gave presents and gifts and received them but saw it as just another holiday. People think it is magical. Love is all around; romantic, platonic, motherly, fatherly. There are things we do for each other. There are things that are done for us. I was sure that I would sit this year out. Let the other lovers have their day. I would be a spectator of nothing. However, I have a date. You need not know who. It is odd to see it on a Sunday. I thought the term "Valentine's Day" was strange since love, romantic love happens at night. I'm not talking about sex, well not entirely. With the night comes the unknown, the unseen. Half of the world is wrapped in darkness and mystery. The night belongs to lovers. With Valentine's Day on a Sunday something is lost. There is work, for most of us. Our teases and our trysts, our flings will end earlier. The farewells will come sooner. We want the warm embraces that are needed on this February holiday to last. Practicality subdues this. For the truly romantic, they will sacrifice some sleep, some levelheadedness and some mental clarity the next day to see their lover's smile last longer. They are also the ones who didn't bring any cards, chocolate or gifts. They show up with one single rose and a smile, and a plan to win the heart of their lover for the first time, or once again.

Happy Valentine's Day

Friday, February 12, 2010

I like the fact

that I can wiggle my ears. I can also wiggle my nose and raise my right eyebrow all by itself. The left one, I can't and I hate it for that. That's why he doesn't come to Thanksgiving. I wonder how many people out there appreciate the small gifts from their genes that either, have no purpose, or that purpose hasn't been made apparent. I like that I have almost no pinky nails on my toes. Sure there are things other people notice, get complimented on and take credit for. Some examples are height, eye color, hair color (if natural), and skin tone (if not in a regularly sunny climate or cheating with fake sun.) What can we do in that situation? I think that we are not really being complimented on our looks but rather on how we use these gifts to our advantage. If we have a good skin tone, then maybe we show a little more shoulder. I also like the fact that I can grow a full beard. Some people pine for this. I also grow a pretty sweet mustache-see any picture taken of me in the past two/three weeks. (Thanks Dad!).

Thursday, February 11, 2010


it has been over a week since I last wrote here. I apologize for that. I haven't been too busy, it hasn't slipped my mind. I just wanted a fresh approach. I'm not going to change anything, I just wanted to make it less of a chore. Now, I normally don't think as writing as a chore, I am finished with college. However, I don't think I need standards right now. I will do this, or not. Take it or leave it, as I was told. I will tell you this though, it does feel good to hear my fingers typing again. I like the fits of keystrokes and I hate the interruptions of errors, misspelled words, spaces between commas, missing the capitalization of an "I." It throws you off course. Now, the thing about writing, at least what I have experienced, and everyone is different, is you need to figure out your own schedule. Sure it is good to have deadlines, but those come with a price. One of my writing professors told me that you need to write a million words. After that, if you have talent, your writing will be the way you want it. Some of you might be thinking that is not so many. In this paragraph alone I have already written a hundred or so. It is a number that people know but don't understand. I have written over two dozen short stories, each around three thousand words. That is only around 73,000 words, not even a tenth of the million word mark. I have filled about a book and a quarter in another book, hand written, we'll say that's another forty thousand words. Now, for the most part I am not counting what I have written here. This is just rambling. You can't simply write a word and have it count. It has to mean something. You can't write potato salad 500,000 times and then expect your writing to take shape. Someday I think about this and I can't wait to spit out these million words. Nonetheless, we do not live in a fairy tale. Walls are not made of chocolate and the princess doesn't wake up. With all goals worth achieving, there has to be some sacrifice. For these million words to mean something, you have to understand that they don't mean anything. This is not me being bleak, maybe a little downtrodden but I will succumb to what is to be made of me. I will write those million words and then keep writing. After those million, that is when the battle begins. Before, that was just boot camp.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I don't have anything to say.

However, I will write something. I don't think I know how much I impact other people. I spend hours in front of people five days a week. It took me by surprise when some of my students compared me to Hugh Larie. You know the guy from House. He is fifty years old. Now I'm not saying that's old, yet it is almost twice my age. Then people commented on how I dress, that I scare them if I don't say anything. It all took me by surprise but I guess it shouldn't have. I guess this has always happened (How many of you didn't comment on your teachers at least once), but now they can be more vocal about it. It might be a cultural issue but I don't think I ever would have told a teacher straight to his/her face how they looked or of whom they reminded me. Today was one of the first times I had felt self-conscious about my appearance. It was what I said or how I acted that made me feel uncomfortable, not how I looked. I'm not a slob, I might even consider myself unique, compared to other teachers, in my dress. I wonder if other teachers get this. Anjana, a co-worker, has her own style, I'm curious what her students say to her. Mike do your students comment on what you wear? Dave, Angela? Anyone? I won't change anything but I'm more aware. That makes me a little nervous, a little more guarded. I'm sure I'll forget about in a few days. I had something to say. That reminds me of a great although now defunct, band called "The Kinison." One of my top favorite songs of all time, is New Way to Dance. I used to sing that until I thought my lungs were bleeding. College was an emotional time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

This is Jeff

He works in accounting. All he wants to do is make you smile. He makes a mean risotto. Oh, and he has the most interesting story about when he went to Vietnam. "Jeff, come over and say hi to Mike, he's new here."

That was how I met Jeff. I have to say that I was taken aback by his facial expression and the bags under his eyes. Oh and the fact that the top of his head is a spinning vortex. I don't really know how he functions. Apparently, last year he caught a mistake that could have cost the company millions. he is divorced with an eight year old daughter. I did ask him about his time in in Vietnam. he told me how when he wanted to go water skiing they took him to a place he thought was the beach but it was a mountain. They thought he was crazy but they indulged him. Anyway, he tells it better.