Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time Traveler Finds Love in the Future

New song. That's about it.

My Bike

So here it is. I got this bike about two months ago, I think. A friend was kind enough to give me a frame, complete with a crank, pedals, handlebars (with suicide brake) saddle, and a chain. All I needed were the wheels and tires. So I did that, and replaced the brake at first. Now I have a new bar grips (white instead of black), a new saddle (baby blue, and a little bit bigger) different chain, and a better brake lever. Also, It took five days but my friend and I sanded the paint and rust off and he used a rattle can to create the new bright blue Omega. For those of you who have known me since High school, know that I drove an 81 Oldsmobile Omega. When I got the bike it looked just like that. Blue-grey with some rust. Now this is a whole new bike. Also, I have to say that I have learned so much about bikes in the past two months, that I can see why they are so popular (and a little expensive.) But just like last week, when I learned how to paint a bike, today I replaced my brake lever (all By my lonesome, as my grandmother would say) So here you go. Now I'm a little sad that I didn't take any "before" photos, but trust me, this is a huge improvement.