Sunday, August 8, 2010

What a beautiful weekend

I had. I haven't done much the past two days but sit in my cave and watch movies/TV. And you know what, I can't complain. I used to think that if I didn't do anything that meant I was a loser or a loner, but I'm not worried about that anymore. I'm not a loser, and no one can say that about me other than me, well maybe Neil, the Unicorn in the corner, but he's just mad because he broke up with his girlfriend. Such a strange roommate. Anyway.

My fingers and my mind have been itching for a while now. I need to do something creative. I helped a friend out with an essay and the simple fact that I was typing on a keyboard lent some satisfaction to me. So I thought I would keep going and write this. I think one of the reasons I feel so stagnant in my job is because I don't have anything creative to do. I know this system too well, or at least the curriculum. So this may be a subtle warning to the students, I might be doing things differently, but bear with me. Everything will be alright. Just take deep breaths. Close your eyes and this will all be over soon. I don't really anticipate any sort of reaction but I just want to prepare for the worst. I know I am far from being the perfect teacher, yet I think that if I could inject some variety into my classroom, I might be able to stay a little sane.

It will allow me to clean out the algae, the dead fish and let the water flow free. Also, I haven't written a short story in months. I find sparks of openings or endings, but something tells me to forget them. I don't like that. I want to try everything. That's it, I am going to write a short story this week. And guess what you have/get to read it. I know I started one on here a while ago, but I left that one alone for now. This will be amazing. It will drop your jaw and make you fall in love with 12 point font.

Ok, I don't have any idea about this story and I might be overhyping it a little but, but, confidence rarely hurts, if it's done right. Uh huh, Neil agrees with me.

(The picture is what I looked like while writing this. Neil's pissed he's not in the photo, but that is what happens when you don't contribute. No credit)

Take care beautiful people (I am talking to all of you, just in case you have self esteem issues)

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  1. haha, i like your blog! by the way, about u teaching: it might not be the most creative job in the world for u, but instead u push your students to be creative, i really liked that about your class, and actually that makes u a good teacher!
    looking forward to read the short story...
    greez laura
    ps: i started to write a book, i'm curious if i'll ever finish it :-)