Friday, January 7, 2011

Here we are,

mixing it up. Trying to breathe, trying to live. Finding colors forming shapes, spilling into feelings. We see the clock and wait for it to slow down. That makes it go faster, we dance with the devil walking down the street. We laugh in the face of temptation and do it anyway. We swim with sharks and laugh while they see you as chicken legs and a roasted pig spinning. We spin and make ourselves dizzy. We learn how to start things, then we yearn for them to end. We smoke and enjoy the feeling of blackening our lungs. We fight just to rise our blood pressure then are curious when heart attacks happen. We sing, because we can and some of us think we are talented. We are. We aren't. We wake up and fall into showers, not knowing how others thought this a luxury. We drive just to stop and then we drive again. We smile at the stranger, hoping our sympathies are gathered. We shout when angry but really we are sad, we try to threaten our feelings away. We look at our shoes instead of others eyes because people have spouted mysticism about souls. We drink to be different but we are all the same. We drink to fit in, but we are all different. We smell the battles fought and praise those brave while condemning the fighting. We forget our animals instincts in disguises of humanity. We fuck for connections, nothing more than an electrical socket but nothing short of amazing on both ends. We dine to feed ourselves, that mutates to over indulgence. We think our next meal is not close enough. We hear laughter but don't participate, we envy. We laugh and wish others to join. We flush our cheeks again and again. We feel the world under us and think we have conquered it. We think about life not infinity. We are in awe of the universe and set aside time to cook eggs. We wear scarves in the winter, sandals in the summer and smiles in pleasure. We take pictures to remember, we take pills to forget. We are here.

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