Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today I woke up, checked various things on the internet, took a shower, ran and caught the bus, sat, read, bought a rockstar and cigarettes, went to the teachers room, graded essays, tests, went and got a chicken gyro with Angie, ate it, taught current events, had a cigarette, taught my low intermediate about direct and indirect objects, played basketball with students, went to Mike's(thanks for letting me house sit,) ate dinner in my underwear, took a shower, ate some veggies and corn mush with Angie, Abbott, Jared, Jared, Kyle, Laura and Anjana, went to a club to raise funds to build a playground in Nepal, bought a raffle ticket, won the grand prize, planned to give the prize to my mother and sister, had a few drinks, rode in the Westin hotel's elevator, (one of Angie's favorite things to do while downtown,) got a ride home, talked to a beautiful girl on the phone, wrote a paragraph with thirty-three commas and one period.

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