Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have

started shooting hoops after the Celtics play. These Finals games have made me so anxious, and give me so much energy that I have to burn it off somehow. It has been a great series, but I do hope that game six in L.A. will be a twenty point blowout so I can get some sleep afterwards. I usually shoot around for about a half an hour to an hour. I have done this four or five times. I have started to take 100 shots in the end, keeping track of how many I make, opposed to how many I take and figure that is my shot percentage. True, it is a lot easier with out anyone guarding you and without getting tired playing defense, or worrying about passes and rebounds, but I think this a fair assessment. I have done this three times and average around 55% shooting. Not so bad. I like this, it reminds me of when I was little and could go shoot hoops whenever I wanted, weather permitting.

However, when I was little, no one just randomly showed up and asked if they could have a shot. The past four times this has happened to me. Let me break down the type of people who just stop by and ask to play. This will also show the type of people who are walking around the Panhandle.

1. He was a man in a wheel chair who was sitting with other people for a while. He made his first shot and I was happy. Then he wanted to shoot more and more. The woman who he was with was getting angry, I was too a little. Even though he made his first shot, he air-balled the next ten or so, and wouldn't give up. He made one and rolled away, saying thank you.

2. Walter Earl. He was the nicest of the four. He took a few shots and then asked to play HORSE with me. It was his HORSE to my H. I know his name because he introduced himself and told me he was a Jazz musician. It was also the day before his birthday. You should google him. He told me to do so, but I haven't yet.

3. This was last week. It was a middle aged man with a polo shirt tucked into his jean shorts. He air-balled the first shot and then I let him get his own rebounds as I was getting frustrated. I was in the middle of figuring out my average and he wanted to make small talk. He played basketball in junior high school, but doesn't like watching it on T.V. I think he even said that he hated it. As far as I'm concerned it's the best sport to watch. He made a few shots and every one he made his partner, who was sitting about 100 feet away, cheered.

4. I could see this guy coming for a while. He looked like he might have just played a game. I didn't look at him as he strolled up, put out his cigarette and asked if he could shoot. He too air-balled his first shot. I went and took a drink of water as he ran after the ball. I still didn't look at him. He could take a hint better than the previous imposer. After only a few more shots he turned me and said, "Too drunk to play basketball." With a snort I took his pass and he went on his way.

I know this may be petty, but please if you see someone playing by themselves, please don't ask to shoot their ball. I did mean to say please twice. Chances are they want to be alone. They aren't looking too shoot around with someone. You could play HORSE with them. My problem is, I can't say no to them. It might be neighborhood rules. Sure it's five minutes of my time, but I am doing my own thing. I didn't ask the middle aged man if I could ride his bike around. I know this is a friendly and unfriendly city at the same time, but would it be mean to refuse? Probably, but it is much nicer to let them shoot. I'm sure I'll be back next Sunday with another update. I'm not going to change. I'll play ball, and if someone asks, I will let them shoot. And one more thing, why is it never the pretty girls I see running. Would it be strange to ask to run with them? Yeah, it would.

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