Sunday, June 13, 2010

I thought I'd share

what a student wrote to me on her last day. There has been a lot of justified complaining about our job as teachers. Everyone there knows about the low pay, but we just can't figure out why it continues. There have been problems with management. But every once in a while we get the true reason we teach here. It isn't always summed in a card, but it is here. Also, please forgive the mistakes. Can you say what she did in Korean?

Dear Dustin,
Hi, this is Cindy. How are you? Can you remember my Korean name? My name is Sekyoung Shin. I get used to being called as 'Cindy.' But it's time to be Sekyoung again. HaHaHa. The time to go back to Korea is coming.

You and San Francisco are very special for me. before I came here, English had been stressful and boring to me because I always had studied English to pass an exam. But, I have been interested in English since I met you in your class. Your class was always hilarious and interesting. I was happy and fun while I was attending your class. Thank you.

You are very good teacher. Besides you are special teacher.
I will never forget you. And I wish we would meet in Korea again.
Don't forget to keep in touch with me! I really want to see you again.

Thank you. Dustin.
Sekyoung Shin
신 세 킹

Students like Cindy, and many other I have encountered here, are the reason I have stayed. Please ask any of my former teachers to see if any of them would have said I would have become a teacher. I understand it now. It might not be my profession forever but for now, I think I'll stick with it.


  1. I was moved by your article.I have to say you are
    an outstanding teacher.