Monday, September 27, 2010

I have been looking

at the numbers and where people are from who view my page. It gives me great satisfaction to know that this little blog has reached all over the world. I mean, Europe, China, India, the U.K. and even Canada. I never would have thought this, but you can see how the internet makes everything closer. I like to think that this little blog isn't so little anymore. Enough about that.

It is safe to say that the New years Hex has been broken. For those of you who know then you understand for those of you who don't let me explain a little. New Year's Eve 2009 was going to be a romp through the city ending on Twin Peaks at midnight to see the fireworks. That didn't happen. I'm going to leave out most of the details, because I don't really want to get into all of it. It ended up with cops at my friends house after he had thrown up. My other friend and I on couches not being able to move and finally a trip to the hospital for my friend. It was a strange mix of nerves and misunderstandings. I was in bed for three days, sleeping and watching football. My friend was/is fine, the whole trip to the hospital was unnecessary. So that's the hex, and we three felt it for many months.

Let's jump to now. I no longer view 2010 as a disappointment. I have embraced life as a twenty-something and now am very happy with my life. I have plans for the future and I see light at the end of the tunnel. In two weeks I will be home for a little while to see most of my family, then Denver to see my sister, then off to New York to see my friend. I am also going to be taking care of some paper work.

Today, the weather is supposed to be 104. Soon, I will be going to the doctor so they can tell me that my wrist will be fine and I don't have to wear a thing that makes me look like a fifty year old who has carpal tunnel. Then, maybe a movie of a book I finished yesterday and then to a Monday night open bar party. So, life is good. Things really couldn't get any better, unless, the Lakers and the Yankees dissolve. On the creative side of things I have started making music with the help of a tiny keyboard, a mic and some software. I hope that you can agree with me that your life is great, the sun shines for you and rainbows, although magical, are also understandable.


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