Sunday, September 19, 2010


things happened to me today in the random occurrences sections of my day. I was in the Apple store and saw Adrien Grenier. Texted some friends and my sister about it then moved on. Tried to see a French film but I was at the wrong theater. Saw Im Still Here instead. Then I went and bought a watch. I was looking for shoes and ran into my friend Dave at Shiek downtown. Hoped on a bus, went home. Then when I was heading back to the pizza place to get my ravioli, I saw the guy who sold me the watch maybe two hours before. I rarely see people out or getting together or, you know, work. I guess this might count. I did see a student where I always see one student or another, on Powell and O'Farrell. Four in one day. Strange.

No promises on the rest of six drinks, but sooner than later.


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