Saturday, March 6, 2010

At the start of the day,

I had ten movies to watch. It was not a good idea to leave all or most of the foreign films to last because I am sick, and as my sister mentioned, I had a lot of reading today. The bad thing is, my mind cannot function as it normally would. I was able to get through three films; one Italian, another Peruvian, and another one French. Since I am sick I had to sleep for a few hours and that could have been another movie. I'm not sure I will make it through all of them tomorrow, but if I don't watch the Harry Potter movie, that's fine by me. I have neither read any of the books nor watched any of the movies in that series. So, tomorrow I have seven movies to watch and hopefully I will find the time to make it through all of them. If I don't succeed, then it isn't the end of the world. It's a good thing that we all don't live in action movies. What we do for ourselves really doesn't have any bearing on other people. That's fine by me. No one has forced me to undertake this mission, as I have been calling it. In terms of what I want, I would much rather not be sick than have missed a few movies.


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