Monday, March 15, 2010


vacation will start on Tuesday as I am going into work tomorrow, just for an hour to tie up some loose ends. However, I do get to sleep in and I am mainly going there because afterward I am going to see the Lakers get whooped. That would be nice but I will be surprised if Golden State losses by less than twenty. Then my vacation (I will not use that annoying word) begins.

My plans are this; do nothing, write, think of and make another movie, go to at least three different cafes around the city, start and finish a book, drink on Wednesday, recover on Thursday, watch copious amounts of movies, enjoy the sunshine, somehow make a new friend, eat Indian food, research and see if I want to learn Tai Chi, improve my Japanese even if ever so slightly, play a lot of the video games arriving shortly, sleep in only on Thursday, try to wean myself off Rockstar, find something to do with all my shoes, celebrate my birthday, write my 100th blog post (that is coming up very soon,) sell or trade in some books I have already read, discover a new planet, solve the JFK assassination, repair the ozone layer, cure cancer, have a stomach transplant, invent the hover board, learn to speak with animals, discover Atlantis, throw a 110 mile and hour fastball, master blind folded chess, discover how to charge electronic items with the energy in our own bodies. And if I don't sleep in on Thursday, find the meaning of life.


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