Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Instead of grading tests,

I am doing this. Today was a long day. I worked my ass off. It's true, it disappeared. I can't find it anymore. I have looked everywhere. Does anyone know how to get an ass back? Anyway, I have been getting overwhelmed recently at work, just too many tests. I have made it through over half of them and even brought them home tonight to work on them. Then I thought, "Wait, you're Dustin, you never do this shit." So I decided instead to break the absence of blogs. There have been some changes at work, people leaving, new people coming in. It feels like most people are on their way out. I might be one of them. But I bet I said this a year ago, and again six months ago. this is coming at a time when I really feel that I have been appreciated for my work, both teaching and general office behavior. So, tonight I will not talk about my future.

In place of that, I will talk about the second eventful week I have had so far and the plans continue. It's basically because I have been working a lot that I have been so busy. Tomorrow is a baseball game. Not sure about Friday, no plans, yet. BBQ on Saturday, and a Sunday dinner on, well you guessed it, Easter. I like it, but stagnation is also fun. It allows me time to be myself. But, you might counter, you are always yourself, aren't you? I don't think you are truly yourself unless you are alone or with someone who you have incorporated into your being, changing your definition of "yourself." I am talking about the thoughts you have and the things you do when no one else is there to comment or judge. The strange movies you watch, the shitty music you listen to, the silly voices you make when you know no one is listening. I talk to myself. And you are lying if you don't do the same thing. Today, I started giving my actions theme music. Hmm, that might be my next short movie thing. Yes, that's it. It will be from my point of view and the music will be done by yours truly. I'm excited now. Life tastes good. You just have take a bite, let the sour pass, and get on to the sweet and spicy and salty. Does salty translate here? I'm not sure about that one, but I just couldn't leave it out. Poor salty would have been all alone. Salty should never be lonely.

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