Monday, March 1, 2010

Have you

ever woken up so tired that you feel like you are still asleep? I did that today. The first hour I felt I was trudging through the street on the bus, off the bus, down the block. It felt like I was moving so slowly. People weren't passing me by, but I know my normal speed and this was not it. You know in the movies when the camera is focused on one person, but thousands of people rush by as a blur. That feeling has stayed with me all day, at my heels. I saw it, and it winked at me. It knows something that I am not privy to. I know it will go away, search for other food, but it is a reminder of what to expect. These days we are only certain of ourselves. The time we have in this earth is fading with every breath. However, I once heard that we are all sharing the breaths of Caesar. So too, I share my breath until the end of time. I share it will all of you, even if you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. We breath Plato, Cleopatra, our grandparents, our friends, lovers, ex-lovers. When you look into the stars or at the sand and feel small and impermanent, just breathe and you will have shared life with everyone.


  1. Nice! I think this is your BEST post yet. I really enjoyed it.