Saturday, February 27, 2010

It is

unfortunate that I will not be able to see one of my new favorite bands on Saturday. I had been planning on going to see We Were Promised Jet packs for quite some time, yet when I went to buy the tickets, I found out they were sold out. I even tried craigslist but I would have had to have acted quicker. Oh well, I hope they like it here and decide to come back.

I am surprised to see no comments on my tattoo. I thought some people might have wanted to say something. I will have you know that it is healing very nicely. I am glad for this because that means I will be able to stop rubbing my chest with a Vaseline like substance that makes my shirt stick to my chest. People have asked me for a name for the mythological creature on my chest. I will take suggestions.

I have named something else, no not that. I have named my mustache. I decided on Randal, Randal the mustache. Some of you know what an important month March is for me. I have opted to make it March Mustache Madness once again. I did it last year for the first time and it got mixed reviews.

Oh yeah, it also holds my birthday. For said time and for the fact that I am and have been for some time, tired. I thought about staying home. Doing whatever I want, but then it was suggested to me that I take a short trip somewhere. I would love to spend a week on an island with nothing but sun and the ocean to bath in. Hawaii is too expensive for a tourist trap, the same with Bali or Fiji. I thought about a walking tour around France but I don't like wine that much. If any of you would like to share your travel stories with me, and offer a getaway destination for a young buck who will be enter his late twenties soon, let me know.


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