Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am

so very tired. I haven't been sleeping that much lately and that is my own fault. I picked up a few extra classes and they are taking their toll. However, I will be able to sleep in tomorrow and that will be grand. I felt fine until literally three and a half minutes ago. It might have been the shear physical exhaustion but I think my body is saying, goodnight to all, I don't care if he agrees. I have no choice but to comply. I will change my alarms and charge into bed. Not the right phrasing to fall into a peaceful slumber but it works. I am one step closer to reaching my goal of watching all, and I mean all, of the movies nominated for an Academy Award this season. I watched "Julie & Julia." I've had this movie for some time, but it got swept under the rug of preference. So far, the only one I was really disappointed with was "Nine." Daniel Day-Lewis couldn't even save this movie. It had no direction yet an amazing cast of Hollywood starlets from around the globe; Spain, France, England (The Dame Judi Dench), the U.S. and even Australia. The songs didn't mesh and it had no story. I didn't feel bad for the character, I neither hated nor loved him. Indifference is something no artist wants to see. I give it a "Meh." That is only because of some of the costumes the ladies wore. One of these days someone will appreciate what I have to say about movies. As for now , it's you.


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