Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day

So, in the recent years I haven't really thought that much of Valentine's Day. I gave presents and gifts and received them but saw it as just another holiday. People think it is magical. Love is all around; romantic, platonic, motherly, fatherly. There are things we do for each other. There are things that are done for us. I was sure that I would sit this year out. Let the other lovers have their day. I would be a spectator of nothing. However, I have a date. You need not know who. It is odd to see it on a Sunday. I thought the term "Valentine's Day" was strange since love, romantic love happens at night. I'm not talking about sex, well not entirely. With the night comes the unknown, the unseen. Half of the world is wrapped in darkness and mystery. The night belongs to lovers. With Valentine's Day on a Sunday something is lost. There is work, for most of us. Our teases and our trysts, our flings will end earlier. The farewells will come sooner. We want the warm embraces that are needed on this February holiday to last. Practicality subdues this. For the truly romantic, they will sacrifice some sleep, some levelheadedness and some mental clarity the next day to see their lover's smile last longer. They are also the ones who didn't bring any cards, chocolate or gifts. They show up with one single rose and a smile, and a plan to win the heart of their lover for the first time, or once again.

Happy Valentine's Day

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