Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I don't have anything to say.

However, I will write something. I don't think I know how much I impact other people. I spend hours in front of people five days a week. It took me by surprise when some of my students compared me to Hugh Larie. You know the guy from House. He is fifty years old. Now I'm not saying that's old, yet it is almost twice my age. Then people commented on how I dress, that I scare them if I don't say anything. It all took me by surprise but I guess it shouldn't have. I guess this has always happened (How many of you didn't comment on your teachers at least once), but now they can be more vocal about it. It might be a cultural issue but I don't think I ever would have told a teacher straight to his/her face how they looked or of whom they reminded me. Today was one of the first times I had felt self-conscious about my appearance. It was what I said or how I acted that made me feel uncomfortable, not how I looked. I'm not a slob, I might even consider myself unique, compared to other teachers, in my dress. I wonder if other teachers get this. Anjana, a co-worker, has her own style, I'm curious what her students say to her. Mike do your students comment on what you wear? Dave, Angela? Anyone? I won't change anything but I'm more aware. That makes me a little nervous, a little more guarded. I'm sure I'll forget about in a few days. I had something to say. That reminds me of a great although now defunct, band called "The Kinison." One of my top favorite songs of all time, is New Way to Dance. I used to sing that until I thought my lungs were bleeding. College was an emotional time.

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