Sunday, February 21, 2010

Short movies

I found out that a few of my local theaters were showing some of the short movies nominated for Academy Awards and I jumped on the chance. I went down to the Opera Plaza, which by the way is pretty cool place on Van Ness, and saw both of the programs. The first one I watched were the animated shorts and they were generous to include the "highly commended" ones as well. They were all fantastic. I know you all might not want to sit through an hour and a half of short films, but I highly recommend "Logorama." It's a French film that takes a stab with a blunt hammer at showing how corporate America, and especially L.A. has become. Think of a movie with nothing but product placement and you have "Logorama." The second part of my evening was the live action. These were wonderful films marred only by the fact that the couple sitting to my right on the other side of the isle in a tiny theater thought they were sitting in their living room. The oohs and the ahhs were too loud and at one point I think the lady was pointing out the obvious like it was a revelation only she understood. It only took one"SHHHH" to shut them up, thankfully. Great films that show you where the directors, actors, etc all get their start. Still feeling in a cinematic mood, I came home and watched "Crazy Heart." Jeff Brigdes, it seems the character was playing him. Fine acting coupled with beautiful scenery and a musical form that has lost its way some time ago and you have a great movie that isn't overly sincere. Man, movies are wonderful, whether they be short long, live or animated there is something about this art form that has the possibility to incorporate all of the others combined. Next, I think will be the Last Station, White ribbon, The Princess and the Frog (I know it's Disney, but it's on the list.)

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