Friday, February 12, 2010

I like the fact

that I can wiggle my ears. I can also wiggle my nose and raise my right eyebrow all by itself. The left one, I can't and I hate it for that. That's why he doesn't come to Thanksgiving. I wonder how many people out there appreciate the small gifts from their genes that either, have no purpose, or that purpose hasn't been made apparent. I like that I have almost no pinky nails on my toes. Sure there are things other people notice, get complimented on and take credit for. Some examples are height, eye color, hair color (if natural), and skin tone (if not in a regularly sunny climate or cheating with fake sun.) What can we do in that situation? I think that we are not really being complimented on our looks but rather on how we use these gifts to our advantage. If we have a good skin tone, then maybe we show a little more shoulder. I also like the fact that I can grow a full beard. Some people pine for this. I also grow a pretty sweet mustache-see any picture taken of me in the past two/three weeks. (Thanks Dad!).

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