Sunday, January 10, 2010

I feel good

So for the past four days I have been laid up in bed. I left work early on Thursday, hoping to quell the rising storm of mucus and sinus pressure but upon waking up on Friday I felt even worse. I took that day off, missing a class and the meeting (I heard there were sandwiches.) I spent a lot of the past few days watching football, strangely enough. I watched a few movies, The Big Chill was one of them. It was interesting, skinny Jeff Goldbloom. I slept a lot, but wanted to sleep more. I feel about 85%. I still cough, and it's not the throaty cough I hoped for. It's the cough that hurts and doesn't always yield results.

I took some medicine, something I don't normally do. Usually I just try to drown the cold and then piss it out. This brand of illness was particularly stubborn. A lot of different drinks were consumed, teas and soups as well. Now I am drinking Theraflu. It seems to be working. I am both sleepy and without a cough. So to all of you out there who may be afraid that the cold and flu season is still upon us, worry not. I smoke and don't eat that healthily and I was able to recover within a few days. Just sleep, drink water, add a little parsley to your tomato soup,(I don't know if it has any medicinal powers, it just helps it taste and look better), tell yourself it's OK to not leave the house for three days, and all will be better. You can afford to take the time off work, just don't go to the hospital, unless you have really good health insurance.

You know theraflu doesn't taste that bad. I might just have another dose. (Jokes, I make jokes)

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