Sunday, January 31, 2010

The conversation

So I went over to Dave's tonight to watch a Coppola movie, "The Conversation." It was brilliant. Gene Hackman was amazing. The plot was simple but expansive. I highly recommend it. Even though it is slow in the beginning, the pay off at the end is amazing.

This was a strange occurrence that happens to me sometimes. I will learn about something new and then, usually, I see the same thing come up mere hours later. So last night I was talking to this lady online (don't judge) and she told me she was in a band called Swing Gitane. Now I had no idea what gitane meant so I asked her and she said it was French cigarette. Later, I decided to finish the novel I was reading. It's about a boy going through boarding school in the sixties. It was very good, called "Old School" written by Tobias Wolff. Anyway, he's waiting at a train station and someone offers him a gitane! Without previous knowledge I would have inferred that it was a cigarette. But this was just incredible to the point of suspicion. This might be me projecting because the movie I just watched had to do with a wiretapper. I thought you all might like to hear something like that. Now have a good night, get some exercise and smile, people are watching you. Maybe? probably not, but they could be now couldn't they. Oh, who is they? Former presidents. All of them. Didn't you know that when you serve at least one year you become immortal? Kennedy is sharing his teeth whitening tips with Washington.

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  1. The Conversation is a great movie. One of Gene Hackman's best.