Saturday, January 23, 2010


I watched Lost in Translation again with my students. It got me thinking how much I miss Japan. Sure I miss some of the people I met there but most of all it was the feeling I had while I was there. I felt like a kid. Everything was exciting. It was unfortunate for me how it turned out, but I think I can recapture what it was like. It will be new all over again. I'm not sure exactly what it is I miss. There are a lot of great things, the food, the lifestyle, the isolation, yes that is a good thing sometimes. I feel like I didn't get the chance to conquer it. No, don't worry I'm not planning an invasion. It might be that I never made it my home. I lived there for a year, almost exactly, but I still didn't know who I was and I think that experience helped shape who I am. But I feel that the transformation wasn't complete. I know what some of you are thinking, I'm trying to find a Japanese wife. That's not it at all. I think part of it, and at this point I am just rambling, is that their culture is so different than my personality. Maybe here is too safe. I am looking for more of a challenge. You all know this, but a few of you might be able to help. I am looking for a job that sponsors a visa. I can pay my own way, but I would love it if the company would set up housing too. If you know of a job, or know where a good place to find them is, let me know. All and any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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