Sunday, January 31, 2010

movies and books

To start off, up there is my video on youtube. This way you don't have to sign up through facebook.

I have been a reading a and movie watching maniac this past month. I have seen 18 movies, two of them in the theaters, yet the month isn't over and that number will probably increase. Also I have read four books, that's about one a week. And they have been good. I am going to shoot for around forty books this year. That will coincide with me watching at least two hundred movies. I am on course so far but I just hope I can keep this motivation up for the whole year. Not to mention the tv shows I regularly watch and the movies that will be made, the drawings done and the stories written. So I welcome you to do the same thing. Try to expose yourself to as much art or entertainment, however you see it, as possible. For some year 2010 is magical. And can you believe we are already a twelfth of the way through it? Wow-we-wo-wa!


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