Sunday, December 13, 2009

2nd Office party

Tonight was a going away/christmas party. There was a good vibe all around. I have to say that I have gotten very lucky with my co-workers. I feel at this stage in my life I could be in a job with people who bore me. No one at work bores me. We may bitch and moan but that will happen with any job. When I go to work, I am surrounded by rich personalities. Also, I am surrounded by people from other countries. I like my job, not because of the work I do but rather the people I do it with/for.

Next week will be quite a change, a new schedule, possibly a different level, afternoons off, and oh yes, a smaller paycheck. Even though I don't get a long vacation, or paid for my vacation it fits me. I take one week off and have the chance to go home for that. If not then I will be able to do only what I want to do. I forget sometimes, that I have a choice, and that is dangerous.

Lately I have been choosing to do things I wouldn't normally do. Sometimes I am more extroverted and sometimes more introverted. That might be what makes you an adult. Deciding that you are only going to do what you want to do, well, at least, most of the time. (too many commas?)

Music is good, food is good, friends are good, life is good.

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