Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have very skinny fingers.

Once a girlfriend of mine said that she liked the way her fingers looked, she said that they were getting skinny. I told her that or fingers don't change size. Once we have finished growing our fingers don't change. I now know this not to be true. I can see things that I have never seen in my hands before. Over the past few months I have been dropping weight. I like this, since it's hard for me to want to exercise, I wheeze. My mother used to count my ribs when I was growing up. I liked that I have always liked that fact.

The world is full of beautiful people, I just have never thought of myself as one of them. My parents say so, but they are blood, so, disqualified. It's hard for me to think that there or have been women out there who lust after me. I am even considering ex-girlfriends. I thought for the longest time that I had an amazing personality and that got me laid. So I guess the realization of being attractive is a let down. I value my personality but now, if people don't see that then I feel unworthy.

I am sorry about the last two entries, they have been a little self-serving. I will be more humble later but fuck it, while we are on the subject, what else is great about me? The fact that I'm not perfect.

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