Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So it has been a rough week. I ran out of money last week and have been scraping by on pasta and rockstars. There may have been bounced checks, and there were some clothes sold. Even though I never would choose to do this, it happens and it happens and it happens. But tomorrow is pay day and I will make the same promise that I always make, to be better with money. Oh well, I made it. I think I have lost some weight due to this. Don' t worry parents I am eating enough. Most people have a catalog of what they want to buy in their minds. I have a catalog too, rather I have a catalog of things that I shouldn't have bought. Things like a thirty dollar hat I have worn and will only wear once. Since I don't have anyone else to think about, I don't feel that bad that I wasn't able or haven't been able to save any money. This city is expensive, they don't pay me enough, wah wah wah. I'm not dead but I hope that isn't what it will take for me to wizen up.

Luckily, I am not going to talk about this any more. I am going to go to sleep, wake refreshed and paid, and head to the doctor's office. There they will look at my shoulder and tell me to put some ice on it, give me pills, pat me on the ass and tell me to get back in the game. To most people this may sound patronizing, but I would much rather have that than have them poke or prod me and then tell me I am going to die, but secretly, they are told by the government to kill me because as it turns out I am the perfect human being, the one who will bring a revolution and teach the world how to be friends while making enemies, who, subsequently are the most powerful people in the world before they realize my secret and try to destroy my all the while telling me that I have a cancer that never existed only to protect them from a future that they were warned about by a time traveling robot, reprogrammed by the aliens who tried to take over our planet with the help of the government but were stopped by the resistance that I led.

Remember your imagination? Aren't those fun?

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