Thursday, December 10, 2009


Tomorrow is the last day before the Christmas break. This means it will be the last day for some teachers in the place we have called home for quite some time. Also it is the last time we will only be us. We are merging with more teachers. Our core will be changed. I think this is a good thing and am looking forward to it. New people are always good. It is also the last day for some beloved students. Unfortunately, over the past few months I was unable to be their teacher. This meant some distance was put between us. It's a good thing because then it won't be as hard to see them go, but things will change. They will be missed.

In less than a month it will be a new year. Two-thousand and ten hopes to be a promising year. One tenth of a century will have finished. Also I have almost been an adult for ten years. And I fear that I will almost be an adult for much longer. Ah, I don't fear it, I enjoy it. Youth has not been wasted on me.

Transitions are fun for me. I think I can find the better in what is coming rather than what is. It might be a fault, but I choose not to see it that way, and who knows I might change. (See, that's a perfect example.) Well, 2009, I will miss you. You have been good to me. I will never see you again but that is the way it has to be. So I will start saying my goodbyes now. You were always there, a faithful friend who always let me know where I was. Take care. I will think about you often. You have been one of the greatest years of my life. New friends, lovers, ideas, burdens, trials, successes, have come into my life because of you. Thank you.

Yes you can talk to years.

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