Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is my fortieth blog. Forty is my favorite number. Out of ten four is my favorite number. It's strange to say this to a Japanese or Korean and maybe even Chinese person. In their culture four is a very bad number. It means death. Much like we don't have thirteenth floors here, they won't have fourth floors. This made me like the number even more.

Today was a domestic day. I did my laundry, even my sheets. I made some kick ass ribs, (the secret: brown sugar and Tapatio.) then for the third Sunday in a row I saw a movie, but this time without George Clooney. I watched INVICTUS. I had the chance to go with my S. African friend and his mates, so it was extra special. I question the timing of this movie. For those of you who don't know anything about it, it takes place around the 1995 S. African Rugby World Cup. Next year the FIFA World Cup will be held there. Interesting.

Freeman as Mandela, great. Having Clint Eastwood put two of his sons, one as a rugby player, no problem, one in charge of the music, big problem. It was distracting from an otherwise inspiring movie. It made me want to watch and maybe even play some rugby. I don't really see the latter happening, but if Matt Damon could do it...

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