Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My dream job

consists of having someone rich who doesn't like surprises. He/she would have the exact same interests as I and want someone to do the things they are going to do. For example. If they are planning on eating at a new restaurant, I would eat there first and let them know if the food, service, atmosphere, etc was good enough for them. Or it could be a movie they wanted to see, I would see it first and tell them if it was good. Then hopefully it would lead to things such as vacations in Bali or concerts at Madison Square Garden. I would be able to live their life first and then tell them if it is worth it. I have the personality that even if I went to a place and would not recommend it, I would still log it as an experience. Much like I do when there is a crazy person talking to me while I am waiting for the bus.

I know that this job exists I just need to meet the people who need this done. If that can be arranged then please give me a call at...

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