Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I woke up late today.

I was late to work, and added to the chaos of moving and most everyone coming back from vacation. I threw on clothes, didn't shower. I hadn't bought deodorant, but I did have the presence of mind to grab an old stick of travel antiperspirant of my sisters, that I had been using all week because my deodorant had exploded, to make sure I didn't sweat through my clothes. All I had was my record at work. I have filled in many times and think I have only been late once or twice in almost a year and a half. I still worried. But that is done. I made it through with little harm, because where I work is great.

I had a few sitcom moments today. I wanted to buy some cologne today. Yes, I wear cologne, that doesn't make me a metro-sexual. However my nose was a little plugged, I think because of the central air in the new building. So I couldn't just smell the nozzles, and unfortunately, I failed to see the little cards that are used for the purpose of testing the scents. I did leave there with a new cologne, and a sweet gym bag as a free gift, and sadly my hands smelling like six or seven different odors. I was assaulted with this combination all the way home, with a scratch of my beard, or a sip of my vitamin water. The issue has been resolved. I just took a shower, so I smell of body soap, conditioner, and minty freshness.

I was watching a tv cop show. When I was home I found an old pair of sweet head phones with an exceptionally long cord. As I was sitting at my computer watching the show I used my rolley chair to get around and as it turned out the cord had wrapped around the stem of the chair and I was stuck. I laughed because I could see myself. I thought, "Shit like this actually happens to people. Huh?" My life is filled with cords and screens.

I found a few new things today. Look up a cop show called "The Unusual." It started in April and has already been canceled but has ten episodes out there.

Also I found the female version of one of my favorite bands; The National. They, or she, is called Florence and the Machine. I'm sure most of you have heard of them because of their commercial success, but if not listen to them.

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