Wednesday, December 2, 2009


People think I'm funny. I think I'm funny. But it's hard to say. People laugh when I make jokes. Does that mean I am funny? Humor is not overrated. I don't really feel blue that often but it does happen and I love the people who can make me laugh and I hope that I can do that for some people.

I watched a movie that involved stand up comedians. I have thought about trying that. I've done it once before. I didn't have the confidence. My whole bit, as it's called, revolved around the Passion of the Christ. That movie had come out or was coming out around that time. My bit was about how weird it would be if Jesus were alive now. I had a joke about going to prom and Jesus' first time with a girl. And he would be good, you know because he's Jesus. But that would only work against him because she would be screaming his father's name and that might be a little unnerving. She would just be shouting out "Oh god, fuck me, fuck me. Oh God yes." If anything could disturb his flow, that would be it.

Also he would have to be an accountant for the mafia. This all tied in with the stereotype of Jews being good with money and The Mafia being Italians. Then it wouldn't be a cross it would be a gun. They would have pistols or shotguns around their necks.

That was about as far as I got with it. I think the comedy that is out now deals a lot with sex and homosexuality. I know in certain ways that could be funny, but I think I would get in my head too much and think about stuff that I think is funny rather than what other people think. I guess this is just one of my dreams that probably won't see the light of day but who knows, maybe I can be funny and maybe I'll kill on stage. Luckily I haven't had people tell me that I should do stand up. I wouldn't want that stigma following me around.

I just want the stigma that I am a nice guy follow me around. But then that wouldn't be a stigma now would it?

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