Monday, December 7, 2009

Up in the Air

I saw this movie tonight with friends. Liked it. Clooney was good. The writing good, all in all a good movie. I will recommend this if you aren't looking for anything to knock your socks off but rather to unwittingly provoke thoughts. Moving on.

Even though it shows none of the hells we all associate with traveling, if you are doing it consistently, the redundancies wear on you. However much we think that we want to be jet setters and travel, see and do things, here or there, we forget how much we should have to spend in the airports. Most people don't have the rewards cards, get to sit in first class, or fuck stewardesses wherever we go, as the movies would suggest. But I still had that itch. I haven't flown that much but I do see it as a challenge. All those mundane things we do, check in, security, I make those into a game. A race to see how much faster I can get through the security check out as opposed to the person and the metal gate next to me. While I am doing that I try for style points. I don't ever want to hop around on one leg while I fumble to get my shoes off. Slips-ons at the airport. I try to show people that traveling is not as hard as you think. Just take less shit. Then when all that nastiness is finished I can head to the waiting area and start a brand new novel. I read there, I read on the plane, I read while making a connection, I read on the second flight (since most of the time I never seem to get non-stop flights) and then I read when I am waiting to be picked up. I try to finish the whole novel in one day. Then there is a huge sense of accomplishment. Think about the last time you finished a book. How long did it take you? In airports you have nothing but your carry on and free time.

The other chore is finding where it is permitted to smoke. That's why I choose Salt Lake. It has smoking rooms that you don't need to go back and forth security checks to enjoy. I have had long layovers and it is worth it to grab two cigarettes and then head back in through security. But I never want to miss a connection because the urge for nicotine was too strong. That shows way too much lack of control.

Don't eat in airports. The food is way over priced and it will make you use the bathroom in very uncomfortable places. Just think about how many strangers are doing the same thing you are. You might see that place again but you might not and there are millions of you. People do not treat airports with respect. Keep that in mind and maybe you will for a change.

There, those are my flying tips.

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  1. Very very excited to finally see this one. Jason Reitman is a really cool guy.