Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another day off

I was blessed with two days off in a row, this is nothing new, it's my normal schedule but yesterday felt very long. Today, as I have done for the past two weeks, I sat down and wrote a story. I have a degree in writing, but it has been only over the past two years that I have been writing and that is without any consistency. I am writing and it feels good. Now most of you don't write but there is something that that you know you should be doing but don't. That's this for me.

In college I had assignments to write a short story about once a week. I thought it was impossible to write three thousand words, but now it's taking me only about two hours or so. I never understood those writers who could crank out a novel year after year or even biannually.(Twice a year not every two years) This lifestyle appeals to me. It's just that I haven't had any professional validation of my writing, partly because a few of my stories have been rejected and partly because I haven't submitted that many.

I find it a rare gift where one can step outside of themselves and be truly honest about what they create. I think it goes either way. They favor themselves too much or are too hard on themselves. What you want to be is the latter. That way when something good happens you will still appear modest and more deserving of the accolades. I guess I will just have to start submitting and we'll see where we go from there.

Keep up the good work and carry on

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