Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Super powers

If you know me then you probably have had a conversation about super powers with me. I watched a movie called Special. If you haven't seen it I strongly suggest it. Michael Rappaport did an amazing job. The idea is that he takes pills that give him super powers.

There possibly could be a personality test one question with an explanation. Maybe I'll develop it. If you could have one super power what would it be? I have thought about this many times, but still don't have an answer. Sure I would love to fly, or walk through walls but I feel that there is something even greater than that. Maybe this is a way to make this blog more interactive. (Even though I use all this technology I kind of hate it. I miss my typewriter and my record player.) If all seven of you (my followers) would be so kind and answer the question above I would love to see it.

I do think about this more than the average human. I was raised on comics and still have a small collection. I love superhero movies, except for spider-man, they really fell off on those. I watch Heroes. Don't get me wrong I do cherish my life and understand that if there were to be change it would have to come from me for me and not from a super power. But I do want to be a superhero.

Then again maybe I just want to be a hero. I think of these situations where something would happen and maybe how I could stop it. Of course nothing ever happens and I continue down the block or stay seated in my chair. I don't know the future but I am pretty sure that these scenarios are better left in my head before something terrible actually happens.

Maybe I should just write comics, does anyone know how to draw?


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  2. After thinking long and hard I believe that I would like to have the ability to be invisible. Granted this is not a super power that will heal the sick or save lives per se, but I do think it would give me a sense of clarity. This way I could listen to conversations when I am not around to see what people truly think of me. This would especially come in handy for those people who you suspect are just being super friendly & happy on the outside, but you just know get angry.

    You might ask why not just read people's minds? Well, simple really, I just don't want the burden of knowing their deepest & darkest secrets. It is really just a superficial matter. Call me petty, but I would like to know if I am about to get sacked or if my boyfriend is out with someone else when he thinks I'm away. Paranoid yes, but I like to think of it as self preservation. Call it the age old case of once bitten twice shy.

  3. A very difficult question, as "super" means different things to different people. Maybe fire. One could keep things warm or generate power. But what if you got it wrong and used it to destroy life after a misunderstanding? Morals are as such because we have not sufficiently evolved or progressed to use super powers wisely. Maybe in a few hundred thousand years we will be there, but I hold no such hope for the near future.

  4. Great question! The power that I seems to be one that I would like is "To be at the right place at the exactly right time." This could benefit others as I could lend an ear for those who need to vent, help someone in pain, be a voice for those who are unable to express themselves as they would want to be heard, etc,. Not to seem overly selfish but it could be a great enhancement for my personal growth also.