Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fridays smell good

Friday is a magical word in the English language that means almost done. I think we should start a movement to give another definition to this word. When we are cooking a turkey(topical) and there are about ten minutes left we can say it's Friday.
Tom: How's the turkey coming?
Sue: It's Friday. Only about ten more minutes.

But by no means will Saturday mean that it has in fact finished. After working two different English teaching jobs my understanding, appreciation and frustration for English have all gone up. I am still infatuated with the language. I can safely say, after having micro scoped it, that my understanding is higher than average. This affords me the leverage to make Friday an adjective.

In other words I had a revelation. Fridays are very important. Thursday night feels like a dream. I sleep better on Thursday nights. I wake up more refreshed, the sun is brighter and the voices happier. The world is a better place. But, again, by no means will we make all days Fridays. that's like making everyone a millionaire. It wouldn't mean as much. Enjoy your weekend and congrats Dave.

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