Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One of these days...

I will get hit in the face. I will show up to a party and there will someone there who will become a great friend of mine and someone who will become an enemy. I will paint a twelve foot mural. I will walk for at least a mile barefoot. I will judge some sort of beauty contest. I will design my own pair of sneakers. I will go back to Japan. I will set a body part on fire. I will travel in a hot air balloon. I will teach a class of over 250 students. I will hear my voice on the radio once more. I will eat nothing but fruit for a week. I will cry tears of joy. I will change someone's mind about how they view the world. I will tell someone a lie thinking that it is absolutely true. I will lose all the money I have at that time. I will kiss a blind woman. I will remember someone's name who was convinced I had forgotten all about them. I will learn how to type. I will inadvertently reveal that Santa Claus doesn't exist to a child who still believes. I will be caught in a flood. I will learn a magic trick. I will be hired for a job purely on the fact that they feel then can trust me rather than having all the necessary skills. I will need to wear glasses on a daily basis. I will sing a rock opera in my underwear. I will be completely sober when I do all of these things.

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