Saturday, November 28, 2009

A long weekend

I had my sister and my mother in town for about four days. They got to see the city and I got to see them. We had a lovely thanksgiving with Angie and her family. I have to say that I enjoyed playing tour guide, but only for a little bit. I was surprised by how much I knew about this city that I have called home for one year, seven months, nineteen days and some odd hours, with some odd minutes.

It was good to see my family, and to let them understand my surroundings. Sure, they probably won't move here, ever but at least they might know what or who I am talking about. It was too bad that no one could come visit me while I was in Japan. But maybe it was for the better. Maybe I can keep that experience all for myslef. I can let it be a mystery. In Montana it is impressive to tell people I have lived in Japan. Here most of the people I know have been there or are planning to go or have been to somehwere remote as well, so it's not as much of a surprise when I tell them.

To be honest I went to Japan for myself and that help me realize that I like doing things for myself. It made me want to do more things that I alone will appreciate. I have never really been swayed by what others want for me. I got a degree in writing, no matter how accepting, and my parents are, they still know that there isn't a lot you can do with that except write or teach as I am doing now. My family has supported it and gave me the freedom to nurture it even if they don't agree with it, understand it or particularly like it.

So, I'm happy thanksgiving is over and can't wait until January 2nd. The holiday season will be over and I will keep the optimism alive for the year to come. This time next year, I will be in a different country.

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