Sunday, November 8, 2009

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Yesterday I was sick, probably because earlier this week I bragged how I haven't gotten sick all year. However, I feel that it was a twenty-four hour bug. The trick is to do a few simple things. Drink a lot, and I mean a lot, of water. When I got home last night I drank three twenty ounce bottles of water in about 45 minutes. Make sure you blow your nose every time you have to. Sweat while you sleep. All of these things will give a door for your body to kick out the cause of your misery. (It doesn't hurt to get about eleven hours of sleep. Since these bugs seem to happen to me on Fridays after a week I of shitty sleep I can afford to sleep late.)

Enough on that. How are you? Even though I have been fiercely battling a cold, I have had so much energy. Yesterday in the teacher's room I was bouncing off the walls. I wanted to run. Actually, I wanted the exhilaration of my heart beating fast without physical exertion. I felt like I could fly. All I needed was one good jump and I could soar over downtown San Francisco. Alas, I did not go to the sixth floor and jump off, I went into my class and finished the day. I just hope I didn't miss my chance.

Earlier tonight I went for a walk to clear my head. I left around one a.m. I got back and made some tea, but again I am getting that feeling. Not just my hand is shaking, but my soul. I am itching for an explosion. I want to see am magnificent fireball in the distance and run to it to make sure no one is hurt only to get there and see a color I or no other human has ever seen. I want that color to fill my eyes and release tears. I want it to somehow enter my lungs and I would exhale a powerful smoke the engulfs the surrounding area. I want it to grab hold of my body and let me float.

This has been coming for awhile. I have been waiting for something but I don't know what it is. My legs to twitch sometimes, and usually I can't sit still. This is nothing new. However, if you were to ask anyone who knew me they would say that I'm not a nervous person. I think that my whole life I have been waiting for something. The tension has been increasing over the past few months. Also, I would say that I am a patient person, when I know what I'm waiting for. It's the not knowing that is getting to me. Do any of you know?

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