Monday, November 30, 2009


For some reason I have always liked getting a glass of water from the bathroom sink. I guess in the home I grew up in my bedroom was closer but it always seemed that the water was fresher, I feel that way in my apartment now. I don't know if this sets me apart in any way, but to me, it feels unique.

I had a conversation with my father about why I wanted to travel. We pondered for a while. Neither was trying to talk me out of it. Some people are happy with living where they grew up, maybe never leaving. Then people leave once and have found what they are looking for. I guess I don't know what I'm looking for. Maybe an experience that is challenging. Maybe I am looking for my utopia. Maybe it is just the simple fact that I will see something I hadn't. Some people may think that I am trying to escape, but really I would be running away from great things and great people. I love this city and do cherish the fact that there is still so much to see.

Basically there are two places that I am thinking of. Japan, or Europe. I have this neat little tool that I am perfecting even though I know it can never be perfect. That tool is my ability to teach English. I'm not saying that I am the best but I have over two years of experience, aside from breathing and smoking, I don't really have any experiences that rival this progression of my career. I did live for a year in Japan, but I had to leave not feeling satisfied. The company I worked for went under and I was left without a job. I barely saw any of the country and definitely didn't take advantage of the proximity of other cultures.

I have been to Europe as well. I went in high school for ten days, I was in Paris and Madrid. I saw a few things but was still an outsider. I never got immersed in the culture. I think that would be very difficult to do in ten days. I would love to go back to Spain, I can speak Spanish better than I can speak Japanese. These two places are very different but also very similar. They are equal in that they are outside of where I am now. I think they would both satisfy my wander lust, at least for a little while. But what happens when I run out of real estate in the world?


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