Sunday, November 29, 2009

I went for a jog today.

I like Sundays, I have a ritual. It is usually all day by myself. Sometimes I do go over for dinner at people's houses but during the day I don't talk to anyone or really go anywhere. I didn't receive a text nor a phone call all day. I wrote a little today, that is another part of my ritual. It has become very important to me. Unfortunately laundry got in the way and my creativity was interrupted. Now I'm sitting here after trying to shave my head.

I think it's time I invest in a proper grooming kit. My beard trimmer doesn't really cut it for the thick forest that is my head. It seems I get about halfway through and the juice runs out. On an unrelated note, when did juice become synonymous with electricity? Wouldn't juice ruin the precision of the electrical current? Think of a nice sticky apple juice as a conduit.

So anyway, I am sitting here looking like I was just tossed into the loony bin with patches of hair winking at the world as I have resigned myself to the fact I will have to wake up a little early and shave my head, that doesn't sound like a pleasant awakening. On the other hand it is kind of fun to have gone out in public like this. Then again maybe that's why those two girls I smiled at on Divis didn't really smile back. Things do make sense sometimes.

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