Monday, November 23, 2009

So much time so little to do

For the most part I don't like holidays that much. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I have family coming into town and they haven't seen where I live so this will be good for them. I expect a nice relaxing four days. I might even get to see something in this city that I haven't seen before.
I have been having this pit in my stomach show up every day for weeks, maybe even months. It seems that my intestinal problems started in Japan. I don't think it was the food, because I never really ate anything strange. It went away when I came back to the states but here it is again. It seems that every night I'm riding the bus home in agony. Have any of you had similar problems? It was suggested to me that I may have some vitamin deficiency, but I think only a blood test can tell me that. I may have low cholesterol again, but then again you need a blood test for that. I just need to find a young doctor to become friends with. Most of my friends are English teachers and although they are great for cracking jokes and stimulating conversation, they can't really offer medical advice.

Who knows maybe I have a tape worm. Maybe it's some sort of karmic retribution, but I feel that I'm a pretty decent fellow, I don't squash bugs, I give money and cigarettes to homeless people. But I don't treat, and haven't treated everyone the kindest. Sure the smiling blond who will pick up lunch for you or listen to your problems does have demons too. Though they aren't that scary they still haunt me like smaller gremlins. But then again, maybe this chronic pang in my stomach is a tiny little cosmic, karmic worm eating the inner lining of my stomach and oozing out regret, while growing bigger and bigger. Nighty-night.

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