Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dinner in an empty apartment

Today was productive. In fact the past few weeks have been. I started a routine where I write everyday (here) and then once a week I write a story. It feels good to create. I can't make music or paint, but I like using words in print to sing on canvas. I think that's why America won the cold war.

Stay with me now.

One of my favorite periods in literature is that of the cold war, the sixties. Look at America, we had the beats. In the U.S.S.R. all the writers were stifled, they were exiled. They weren't allowed to flourish, to create, to heaven forbid, destroy. The great writers, Kundera, were not allowed to speak. They were pushed down, shrunk in the private and public eye. When I read those writers the passion of life and death was there. I could see the reflections of their intense eyes on the page. Every word they wrote meant punishment. All the while Hunter S. Thompson is running for Mayor.

Now anyone can write. Look at what you're reading. If you're not reading this then, never mind. Some people might be afraid of over saturation. Most people are smart enough to know what should be read and some think they have no choice. But remember this, you always have a choice in Art. Don't get mad when you find something meant to be artful insults you. Don't mention their name. You give them power. Your thoughts of them create emotions that bring you down when you could create something to make you and your friends smile. That's just how I feel, if you disagree, forget it.


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